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The PAS RS.LA is a fully integrated line array system for front of house sound reinforcement applications This modular system features 16 PAS dual 15-inch coaxial enclosures with rigging hardware, four PAS 3.2 3000-watt amplifiers and two PAS 3.4 four channel 3000-watt amplifiers as well as two16-space amp racks with pre-wired I/O panels. The package also includes the proprietary PAS TOC R2 signal processor and all the necessary cabling. The R2 processor is engineered specifically for use with the RS-2.LA and provides the system with precision equalization and time correction. MORE
16 x RS-2LA Dual 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker System w/2" Drivers
4 x PAS 3.2 3000 watt, Professional Touring Amplifier
2 x PAS 3.4 Four Channel / 3200 watt Touring Amplifier
1 x PAS TOC™ R2 Signal Processor
1 x PAS Baltic Birch 16u Amp Rack w/wheels & custom I/O panels
2 x Fly Racks and Hardware:
16 x 50' Speakon™ to Speakon™ 12 guage Speaker Cables
16 x 3' Speakon™ to Speakon™ 12 guage Speaker Cables
28 x Array Bracket Set
16 x RS Caster Plates
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"The RSLA System" - by Allan Sohl - Read Article
Hear from professionals in the industry using the RS.LA system. Plus check out how easy it is to rig. Also, flying the system, set-up, stage and concert photos from the "Rock Never Stops tour.

- RS.LA takes flight at the 2003 Miramar Air Show.

New fully integrated PAS Line Array

Targeted at regional sound companies, the new RS.LA offers a cost-effective alternative to existing line array products. By offering a complete, fully integrated package, including speakers, amplifiers, racks, pre-wired I/O panels as well as caster boards and rigging, the PAS array provides a unique “plug and play” system. The RS.LA delivers incredible performance thanks to our patented TOC‘ technology and it allows a regional sound company to satisfy the ever-popular artists' line array rider. The versatile RS.LA can also be used in a conventional vertical cluster configuration.

“What can I do with my existing RS cabinets to make them array compatible?”

There are over a thousand RS-1.2 and RS-2.2 cabinets in the field. That being said, we felt it would be prudent to develop a line array system utilizing a modification of the existing RS-2.2 design in order to protect your investment. We have a retrofit kit available that attaches to the top and bottom of existing cabinets. This allows them to use along side of the new RS.LA enclosures in vertical arrays. For the next 60 days, we will be offering these kits for purchase to RS-2.2 owners.

“Hey, I’ve plenty of amps and racks, I just want the RS.LA enclosures and the hardware.”

No problem. The RS.LA enclosure is available without the system package. Of course the rigging, interconnect brackets and rigging storage box may also be purchased separately. Here is the pricing for a four-box line array. Pricing is also available for blocks of 6, 8 and 12 RS.LA enclosures.

For additional information or to arrange for a demonstration, please contact PAS at your earliest convenience.

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