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The PAS LFF.2 Large Format FOH system is designed for large events and stadiums. It features the TOC™ Long Throw Series enclosures, the LT-2 & BH-2. When positioned correctly these cabinets compliment each other to produce extremely high SPL levels with optimal clarity at very long distances. The tightness of the control pattern of this systems puts sound where you want it - on the audience, and keeps it away from where you don't want it - the neighbors, making it ideal for outdoor venues that have noise complaint issues. This system consists of eight LT-2 horn loaded coaxial enclosures, along with sixteen BH-2 bass horns and is powered by two PAS 3.4 four channel / 3200-watt amps and four PAS 3.2 two channel / 3000-watt amps. The system comes with two PAS sixteen space racks with custom I/O panel for the amplifiers, the TOC™ L2 signal processor, and all the necessary cabling.
16 x BH-2 Dual 12" Long Throw Bass Horn
8 x LT-2 2-way horn loaded system w/2" driver
4 x PAS 3.2 3000 watt Professional Touing Amplifier
2 x PAS 3.4 Four Channel / 32000 watt Touring Amplifier
1 x PAS TOC™ L2 Signal Processor
2 x PAS 16u Amp Rack w/wheels & custom output panels
16 x 50' Speakon™ to Speakon™ 12 guage Speaker Cables
8 x 3' Speakon™ to Speakon™ 12 guage Speaker Cables
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Integrated Line Array System
Corporate / playback system
Compact, High Performance
Coaxial System With TOC™
For Line Array Use.
12 inch, High Performance
Coaxial System With TOC™
For Line Array Use.
Front of House system
Large Format FOH System
Monitor system
House of Worship
- Front of House system
- Monitor system
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