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HOW - Front of House System
HOW - Monitor system
House of Worship
Front of House System:
The Basic HOW front of house package is a fully integrated system designed for installations in small to medium sized Worship spaces. The cabinets of this "Plug and Play" system have a white texture coat finish and include truss assemblies with interconnecting brackets for convenient and safe installation.

The 3,000 watt 3 channel amplifier contains an internal crossover and can power two channels of up to four FT-1.2 cabinets plus a mono subwoofer output capable of driving two MF-218 cabinets. The sonic accuracy of FT-1.2 cabinets is due to their passive TOC™ dividing networks. The resulting "ideal phase response" reduces the need for further equalization, making this system an excellent choice for locations where a full-time sound engineer may not be available.

This is a complete system including speakers, amplification, installation hardware a rack with a pre wired I/O panel as well as all the necessary cables. With this system, consultants and installers can provide customers with smaller facilities high performance audio without the high price.

3 x FT-1.2 Single 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker system w/ 2" Driver
1 x PAS 3.3 3000 watt, 3 Channel Amplifier
2 x MF-218 Compact, Multi-Functional, Dual 18" Subwoofer System
1 x PAS Baltic Birch 8u Studio Amp Rack w/ custom I/O panel
3 x 150' Speakon to Speakon 12 ga Speaker Cables
2 x 50' Speakon to Speakon 12 ga Speaker Cables
3 x White Flying Truss Hardware
Spec Sheet Using the FOH System
Specifications (PDF) 395K System Guide (PDF) 249.6K
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Monitor System:
The HOW monitor system is a perfect complement to our Basic FOH package for Houses of Worship. This system contains four white VM-1 monitors and a PAS 4.3, four channel amplifier as well as the studio amp rack, I/O panel and cables.

Four separate mixes can be a significant benefit in HOW applications. For budget conscious congregations, this amplifier can also reduce the need for a separate monitor mixer. It has 11 segment LED meters and level controls on the front panel.

The VM-1 is by far our most popular monitor in the HOW market. Its small unobtrusive size belays its impressive performance. Using a 12 inch coaxial with a one inch exit compression driver, the VM-1 sounds great at all levels and produce a maximum SPL of 124 dB at it's rated power.
4 x VM-1 12" Coaxial Stage Monitor w/ 1" Driver
1 x PAS Baltic Birch 8u Studio Amp Rack w/custom I/O panel
1 x PAS 3.4 4 Channel Professional Amplifier
4 x 50' Speakon to Speakon 12 ga Speaker Cables
Spec Sheet (PDF) 523K
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Integrated Line Array System
Compact, High Performance
Coaxial System With TOC™
For Line Array Use.
12 inch, High Performance
Coaxial System With TOC™
For Line Array Use.
Corporate / playback system
Front of House system
Large Format FOH System
Monitor system
House of Worship
- Front of House system
- Monitor system
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