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Active / Passive Filters
Active TOC™ Systems
When maximum performance and reliability is required, the 2 channel TOC™ processor is the solution.

The TOC™ processor allows PAS engineers to more precisely dial in the perfromance of TOC™ loudspeaker systems. The result is a loudspeaker system with smoother amplitude response, increased bandwidth and reliability with the ideal phase response found in TOC™ products

Processor Includes:
Four Pole Linear Phase Dividing filters
Time Offset Correction
Precise equalization
High pass filters for low frequency excursion protection
Compressors/Limiters for component protection
Subwoofer output
Passive Dividing Networks with TOC™
Dividing networks separate and deliver the appropriate frequency ranges to components designed to accommodate those frequencies. How the components are combined through the network design will determine the quality and performance of the loudspeaker system.

PAS engineering incorporates a number of filter types resulting in a seamless transition between components. These complex networks set a performance standard in the TOC™ Systems Group that clearly surpasses the competition.

Passive Networks Include:
Linear phase dividing filters
Time Offset Correction, allowing all components to propagate energy from an identical acoustical source
Amplitude equalization networks
Impedance equalization networks
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