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FT.LA Flying
Over Oklahoma City
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Below is a brief overview of the FT.LA and 12.LA Line Array Systems.

FT.LA systems offer the full range coaxial section of the RS.LA in a package about two thirds the weight of the RS.LA systems. Using the same rigging system (connecting plates and Ball Lock pins) the FT.LA cabinets are the same depth as the RS.LA cabinets (24" or 610 mm).

Amplifier requirements are somewhat reduced from the RS.LA as the cabinet is 8 ohms. This means that twice as many cabinets can be used on one amplifier channel.

New 12" drivers designed for extended low end are used in the 12.LA system. This cabinet is about three quarters the size and two thirds the weight of the RS.LA system. Containing a 12" coaxial component, a supplemental 12" component and a passive dividing network, it has been designed to use the same connecting plates and Ball Lock pins as the RS.LA and the FT.LA systems.

12.LA systems are ideal for smaller installations where coverage control is important but the  performance level of RS.LA or FT.LA systems is not needed. It's passive dividing network reduces amplifier and wiring requirements significantly.

Dimensions and Weights:

            Height     Length     Depth        Weight
RS.LA  17 1/4"  35 11/16"    24"         148 lb.
FT.LA   17 1/4"  21 11/16"    24"           95 lb.
12.LA   14 1/2"  29 7/16"   21 3/8"      101 lb.

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