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FT.LA Flying
Over Oklahoma City

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Kenny Phillips of Phillips Pro Audio, Oklahoma City, runs one of the busiest sound companies around. From theater shows to large outdoor venues, Kenny is an experienced audio veteran This past New Years Eve Kenny used the new FT.LA system for the opening night ceremony of the Oklahoma City Arts Council. He has been using the FT.LA system ever since and with rave reviews.  During this event music was provided for the fireworks show for over 20,000 people. Kenny has done several events for the city over the years. This is the first time he used the FT.LA and the event organizers were very happy.

We recently caught up with Kenny to talk to him about the new FT.LA. "The FT.LA system is smaller and lighter and provides great driver concentration by using more of the FT boxes" stated Phillips. "This doesn't work the horns as hard. I also like the way they couple, coverage is very predictable and very even. The system has a very natural gradation of output."

Continuing on the benefits of PAS products and the company itself, Kenny elaborated. "PAS has the finest coaxial drivers in the industry. Clarity and intelligibility are tremendous, nothing compares. I've been using PAS drivers for over 20 years.

When it comes to the systems I use, money is not the determining factor. I can get whatever I want and I prefer PAS. There have been some venues that I've not even bothered with the house system, even though it was a more expensive and supposedly "better" system. In addition to great products PAS is one of the few manufactures left that dealers and users can develop a great relationship with and that counts for a lot”.

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