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Steven Manno(L) and Paul Svenson(R) display
Phase One of the 3rd Marine Wing Band
Sound System

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The 3rd Marine Air Wing Band required a system that adapted to numerous configurations and situations with ease. Paul Svenson and Steven Marno of Bluewater Audio provided them just that. "This is the best system in the United States Marine Corps, stated Steve.? In it’s primary configuration this 42,000-watt system comfortably addresses most venue requirements the 3rd MAW Band encounters. From ceremonial duties at MCAS Miramar to a concert at The Old Babylon Coliseum in Al Hillah, Iraq, the band will use PAS speakers for front of house and monitors. Using the tripod mount SW 1.2 monitors, as a small combo FOH rig is a popular rapid deployment "Marine Audio Weapon." The RS series work just fine and the MF218 is an asset in any configuration. The Marines are, by doctrine, a mobile force, so the PAS tour tough finish and accessible rigging options are a great benefit for them.

Why PAS? "Performance, quality, and reliability," says Steve and "oh yeah, they sound damn good too! Since the first years of PAS, we both have used PAS products. A history of performance, reliability, and product support has created a very positive relationship." With access to most every audio product currently available, BlueWater Audio stands by PAS with a steady consistency.

Paul and Steve started BlueWater Audio in 1998. Both partners have been in professional audio since the mid 1960s. The company’s philosophy is based on individual achievement, commitment to excellence, and client satisfaction. Their primary markets include, churches, schools, the military, large or small venues, and studio design. Services include, design, installation, training, and live technical support. "Our client list is defined by diversity, from Jane’s Addiction to Sandy Springs Christian Church. From Georgia to Hawaii, with a sprinkling of Asia, the South Pacific, and Europe." In the month of October ’03 BlueWater addressed clients in Tahiti, Atlanta Georgia, and delivered the best PA system in the United States Marine Corps Music Program to MCAS Miramar, California.

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