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Hangzhou No. 7 Entertainment

     The entire entertainment place combined the KTV room together by four aisles center stage, City of Music Vienna, Royal Thai style, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, so that private rooms own most function of the hall with originality and extraordinary design.

     High quality equipment is the base of building the best entertainment place, and the audio equipment is the soul of entertainment, so how to select a world famous audio equipment is our most important task for the design. After observing the actual situation and function of Legend No.7 field, we finally made the decision to select American well-known audio manufacturer PAS PROFESSIONAL AUDIO SYSTEMS as our audio system supplier. PAS is one of the largest professional speaker manufacturers; its branch offices spread over more than 10 countries, and it got many patents in the field of drive and audio box design. The feature of PAS audio box are as follows: high and medium frequency are exquisite, bright, but not noisy; low frequency is hard as well as soft, having superior sound pressure level. The cross over points of the frequency divider inside the speakers control the whole coordination of the speakers’ sound. The system has the traditional features as hard, soft, and full.

     According to the voice reinforcement need and field condition of the four aisle center stage, we decided to adopt distributive voice reinforcement mode, to distribute the loud-speaker around, which can make both enough voice pressure, good language definition, and also satisfy the balance of voice pressure distributed in the hall. FT-1 audio box of PAS series owns the world-lead TOC time deviation adjust technology, that is through the method of assembly the high frequency speaker unit and low frequency speaker together, It could resolve the time/phase deviation due to the difference position of high frequency and low frequency. What’s more, the use of this installation avoid the box space occupy caused by due to the separate installation of high/low frequency unit. so as to reduce the space occupied by the installation.

     Professional power amplifier and prepositive processor select PHD series products which won the honor of TOP10 national brands. There is no doubt about the quality of PHD professional power amplifier, whose unique design proves aisle isolation very much. High sensitivity and strong power output ensure the quick voice transmission. When amplifier output abnormality occurs, protecting circuit will pause the working amplifier immediately, which will improve the equipment security further more.

      We adopt 5.1 sound channel mode in all of the VIP rooms of the Legend No.7 place, which means the mode of eft-middle-right prepositive plus left-right-back surrounded. The main left-right voice reinforcement audio box applies American PAS-FT-1 products. Center place and black surrounding are TRIPLE ONDA-EXP audio box of Spain. In the low voice part, we chose American PAS-FT-218 products. In the base of our song selecting system, we added piano and other entertainment equipments in our VIP rooms.

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