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ShenZhen Ginza Temple International Club

     Shenzhen Ginza Temple international club is located in Vienna international hotel(shajing branch), standing at the junction area of Baoan Road and South Shajing Loop section with superior location, unique design and luxury decoration. According to the feature of the club, Artco designed with fully considered based on special condition of the club, and select audio player equipments as follows: 34 pieces of import original PAS-FT-1 full sound area audio boxes from America,13 pieces PAS FT-218 super-low sound audio boxes, so that every customer coming to our club could enjoy an quiet and lively, rough and delicate, messy and elegant, rock and classical, activity and indolent, conscious and fantasy scene taken by professional America PAS audio player, which gained the award of Mix Magazine TEC of the Category of Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology.

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