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Shenzhen YunTianHai Hotel

     Shenzhen YunTianHai Hotel is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is a Thai-style four star hotel which is a combination of entertainment (KTV), guest room, and business. This hotel is a fashionable luxury hotel. Its business area is 8,000 square meters, having eight floors, and its appearance is elegant and majestic. Business center with reception is located on the first floor. There are more than 40 luxury KTV rooms on the second to the fifth floors. The loudspeakers and are imported with high quality, and there are more than 10 thousand hot songs in its KTV system. Together with professional administration and services, it is a successful example of a fashion hotel. The sixth and seventh floors are luxury single and double rooms meeting different people’s standard. Every room is graceful organized, having distant phones, ADSL, satellite television, and independent bathrooms. It is the best place for business, travelling, and leisure people.

     According to relevant national standards and former experience of similar projects, we designed a set of feasible solutions. The whole design takes much consideration of operational functions the place itself, which means having unique style and being accordance with scientific regulation and advanced system design concepts. We take the principle of “sound magnifying first, and then building the sound”, which means electroacoustic system design and construction acoustics system should be connected tightly, in order to keep the sound’s return and recurrence, to meet the satisfaction of practical use. To achieve this goal, we chose the world famous brand PAS Loudspeaker to make this project.

     PAS application gained the patent “TOC” technology, making new sensor more sensitive, and it has better function of power handling. TOC technology decreases the positioning problem, gradually integrates the sound distortion caused by high and low frequency driver and coaxial speaker, and makes sure that the output sound reaches audiences’ ears at the same time.

     Specific products used are as follows:

     PAS FT 15” coaxial professional main speakers, PAS MF 218 double 18 professional low frequency speakers, PAS PR-10 10” professional main speakers, PAS TOC R6 audio processor, and PHD 3600 DSP professional power amplifier, PHD-DSP 250 karaoke power amplifier, PHD-PB-20 professional power amplifier, PHD-DSP-3 karaoke prepositive amplifier.

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