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2009 “ Jackie Chan and his friends concert ”
 PAS loudspeakers shinning Nest


The “Bird’s Nest ”greeted the first commercial performance on May 1st , 2009 evening after Olympic Games . The official concert “ Jackie Chan and his friends ”began with the massive and wonderful hitting sound from Jackie Chan .

Considering the stadium of "Bird's Nest" is annular space, complicated structure and stepped seating. In order to ensure the good sound pressure level of the sound field and the uniformity of sound field, the entire concert sound reinforcement system adopted Line Array system.

The design of sound reinforcement system was divided into 24 points, all used PAS-RS LA Line array system, the interval distance between each point was 15-18 m in order to ensure uniformity of sound field; each group had 4-6 speakers to ensure the sound pressure level of the whole concert. There were 168 PCS PAS-RS LA line array speakers around the stadium with 48PCS PAS FT218 of subwoofer and 84PCS PAS SW1.2 monitor loudspeakers, with 14 PCS of PAS R8 and PAS R6 controllers to combined the audio system .

The concert was regarded as “unprecedented “ due to its “Unique Design “ , "Lotus in full bloom" staging design and enthusiastic concert scene .

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