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... to Professional Audio Systems. Located in Carlsbad, California, Professional Audio Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-end speaker systems, speaker components and electronics for professional audio and sound contracting markets. PAS was established in 1975 and distributes products world wide.
Following in the footsteps of our successful RS.LA, PAS is excited to introduce two new line array systems, the FT.LA and 12.LA. Smaller and lighter these systems offer the same great sound and are ideal for smaller installations.

Introducing the SW-2.2P, a self-powered 15" Coaxial Stage Monitor with Time Offset Correction™, a class D two channel power amplifier and a digital signal processor.

FT.LA reigns high over Oklahoma CIty.
RS.LA Line Array System
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- ShenZhen Ginza Temple International Club
- Shenzhen YunTianHai Hotel
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- SW-2.2P Stage Monitor
- FT.LA Line Array
- 12.LA Line Array
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